Our 4086 Series Stands Up Under the Sun’s Harsh Rays

If your sensitive electronics equipment is going to be exposed to the elements, you need the protective power of our UV Light Resistant Filter Foam. A special coating safeguards the foam from the sun’s damaging UV light, extending its capability to defend against dust particles and contaminants.

Flexible Protective Coating

Quite often filter foam, which is not inherently UV resistant, must be exposed to the elements. Over time, the sun’s UV rays can degrade the foam. This accumulating damage can change the foam’s properties, breaking it down and preventing it from doing the job it was intended to do. As a result, airborne dust particles and harmful contaminants can wreak havoc on electronics and equipment. Our 4086 Series UV Light Resistant Filter Foam resists the sun’s harsh rays, while simultaneously allowing the filter to perform its protective functions.

The 4086 Series is a flexible open-pore, polyurethane reticulated filter foam that is coated with an aqueous dispersion of a premium quality black PVC copolymer. The coating preserves the foam strands without increasing their resistance to air or liquid flow.

Foam Key Features:

  • Resists Ultra Violet light degradation
  • PVC impregnated reticulated filter foam
  • Open-pore
  • Coating does not diminish filtering capabilities
  • Available in a variety of sizes and shapes

Custom Cut for Your Needs

Our UV Resistant Filter Foam can be cut up to a 2″ thickness. It is available in sheets 48” wide by 118” long or in long length rolls 48” or 60” wide. We can custom cut sheets, die cut, waterjet cut and laminate to any substrate.


  • Color: Black
  • Cell Count: 4 – 100 ppi
  • Tear Strength, min: 4.5 lbs/in
  • Thickness Range: 0.0625 – 1.0 inches
  • Density of Uncoated Foam:
  • Polyether – 1.2 lbs/cft
  • Polyester – 2.0 lbs/cft
  • Polyether Blend – 1.5 lbs/cft
  • Density Increase Due to UV Coating: 0.75 lbs/cft
  • Base Materials: Polyether, Polyester, Blend
  • Tensile Strength, min: 22 psi
  • Elongation, min % to break: 200
  • Reticulation: Thermal (zapped)

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