Custom Treatments that Enhance Foam Performance

At Custom Foam Treatments, we specialize in coating, saturating and dyeing open cell polyurethane foam, also referred to as reticulated filter foam, to create new and unique products. This versatile foam is used in a vast array of applications from filtration and sound absorption to cushioning and padding. And with our treatments, the uses for this open-cell material exponentially expands.

Our team of experienced foam fabricators will work closely with you to provide solutions to your component and packaging challenges – all in a quick turnaround time and at a competitive price.

UL 94 Fire Resistant Filter Foam

Our RFR Series safeguards sensitive electronics and equipment from harmful contaminants. This fire-retardant, cleanable reticulated filter foam, available in polyether and polyester, meets UL 94 HF-1 self-extinguishing flame safety standards.

UV-Resistant Filter Foam

Electronics and equipment exposed to the elements need the protective power of UV light resistant filter foam. Our special coating protects foam from the sun’s damaging rays, extending its capability to defend against dust particles and contaminants.

Conductive Foam

Low density conductive polyurethane foam simultaneously offers anti-static properties and electrical conductivity for items during packaging, storage and transport. This light-weight, pliable foam does not particulate and can be re-used multiple times.

Reticulated Filter Foam

Light in weight, yet extremely durable and strong, reticulated filter foam applications span from filtration to sound absorption. Reticulated Filter Foam is available in both polyether and polyester, as well as varying densities and firmness, for limitless uses.

Experienced Technical Team

With over 25 years of coating and dyeing experience, we will guide you through the most complex application projects. Our well-trained team, which has strong technical knowledge of reticulated foam treatments, understands how to identify and fulfill your requirements.

The Latest Technologies

Custom Foam Treatments is committed to providing the highest-quality products. As leaders in the foam protective coating industry, we utilize the most current treatment technologies and the highest quality raw materials.

Foam Fabrication Specialists

Do your foam needs go beyond coating, saturating and dyeing? Our sister companies can help. New Industrial Foam offers a complete line of foam fabrication services (packaging design, cutting, fusing, flocking, convoluting, laminating and more), and FUSH Cases creates custom foam inserts for all types of cases for all types of things.

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